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Matthias Jäggi

Matthias JäggiViola

Spot on: cheeky sayings, a Sager viola and visual art

Matthias Jäggi was born in Bern. After an apprenticeship as an interior decorator, he studied viola at the Lucerne Conservatory. Already during his music studies, he was particularly interested in baroque music. He attended several courses in historically informed performance practice.

As a freelance musician he plays in various orchestras and chamber music formations such as: Les Passions de l'Âme, Capricornus Consort Basel, La Cetra Baroque Orchestra, Orchestra of the J. S. Bach Foundation and others.

Besides music, Matthias Jäggi has a second passion: the visual arts. Several successful solo and group exhibitions have already documented his work. Painting and music are equally important to him and favour each other in a happy way. In his artistic work, these two creative forces combine to form a unity.