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Love Persson

Love PerssonViolone

Spot on: very spicy Indian dishes and phrasing artist on the bass instruments

Love Persson was born in Mora/Sweden. Via electric bass to double bass: Palle Danielsson his first teacher. Beatles, Deep Purple, and Stravinsky finally led him to the double bass. He then studied in Gothenburg with Ferdinand Lipa.

Engagements at the Gothenburg Opera and the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra followed. The encounter with Jaap ter Linden led him to leave Sweden and to study again on gut strings in Bremen. This resulted in engagements with The Hannover Band and The English Concert. Years of membership in Anima Eterna/Belgium and the Freiburger Barockorchester followed. Among his many recordings, the chamber music recordings with Ensemble Exploration, notably the Rossini duo with Roel Dieltiens should be mentioned.

Love Persson has been playing with Les Passions de l'Âme for 11 years and with Il Gardellino in Belgium for 3 years. He lives out his passion as an electric bassist with Maxoom, a power trio par excellence.