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Daniela Helm

Daniela HelmViolin

Spot on: red hair, bubbling energy and musical herb witch

Daniela Helm was born in a family of violinists from Mainz. After studying music and gaining practical experience in a radio orchestra, she discovered her true destiny: the baroque violin and the sound of gut strings.

This led her to the Freiburger Barockorchester in 1992, and later to Anima Eterna in Bruges and to Les Passions de l'Âme. The orchestras' repertoire includes styles from baroque to impressionism on period instruments.

Daniela Helm has a special affinity for early baroque chamber music. Traditional music from Ireland, the Scandinavian countries and South America also fascinates her. She fulfils this passion in the ensemble Los Ympossibles.

She conveys her enthusiasm to students at courses including: Ensemble Academy Freiburg, National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands, at the University of Mexico City and the University of Brasilia/Brazil.

Since 2012, Daniela Helm has been a trained teacher for resonance theory (applied music physiology) founded by Thomas Lange.