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Benoît Laurent

Benoît LaurentOboe

Spot on: reading, gardening

After studying the recorder, oboe and baroque oboe, Benoît Laurent won a second prize in the soloist category at the Musica Antiqua competition in Bruges in August 2008.

Since then he has performed with some of the best orchestras and ensembles on early instruments in Europe. He has recorded numerous CDs as a soloist, chamber musician or orchestral musician. These include two oboe concertos by G. Sammartini with Les Muffatti, german music for oboe ensemble with his own ensemble Lingua Franca, the oboe concerto in C Major by L. A. Lebrun with Les Agremens, german sonatas for baroque oboe with Lingua Franca, J. S. Bach's concerto for oboe and violin with the Basel Kammerorchester, sonatas for oboe and basso continuo by G. F. Handel and a concerto by A. Vivaldi with The 1750 Project.

In 2020, Benoît Laurent successfully presented a doctoral thesis on Giuseppe Sammartini and his repertoire for wind instruments (collaboration between the ULB and the Royal Conservatory of Brussels). He teaches baroque oboe, early music theory and ornamentation at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.