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Alvaro Iborra Jimenéz

Alvaro Iborra JimenézClarinet

Spot on: Mountaineer, dances while playing clarinet

Born in Pamplona (Spain), Álvaro Iborra Jiménez began his musical studies in Tafalla, continued in Pamplona and afterwards in Zaragoza with Emilio Ferrando, obtaining the highest marks. He improved his skills in Karlsruhe with Wolfgang Meyer. In the field of ancient music, he studied historical clarinet with Lorenzo Coppola at the ESMUC in Barcelona.

Álvaro Iborra Jiménez received different awards at Chamber Music Competitions: Zaragoza (2002), Burgos (2005), Verona (2006) and Bari (2007). He was a member of the Basque Youth Orchestra, the National Youth Orchestra of Spain, and The World Orchestra.

He has collaborated and still collaborates with ensembles such as Concentus Musicus Wien, The Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Bachakademie Stuttgart, Freiburger Barockorchester, Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra, Insula Orchestra, Das Neue Orchester Köln, Orchestra of Euskadi, Symphony Orchestra and Choir from Madrid, Symphony Orchestra of Bilbao, Windband of Madrid and Ensemble «Enigma»  (Zaragoza).