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Crowdfunding Video-Documentation «Beethoven's Symphonies»

On December 1st 2022 we launched our Beethoven cycle. Until our 20th anniversary in 2028 we will perform all Ludwig van Beethoven’s symphonies in Bern and document them on video. The videos capture the lively interpretations, led by Meret Lüthi from the concertmaster's podium, and transport our Beethoven cosmos to the whole world via digital channels.

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The next concerts will take place from
October 18th to 20th 2024 in the Schultheissensaal of Bern University Library and at Waldegg Castle near Solothurn.
The programme includes Beethoven's 4th Symphony in a chamber music version.

In accordance with our format "From the Salon to the Concert Hall", the symphonies will be performed first in chamber music and then in orchestral version:
4th Symphony in autumn 2024 and spring 2025
2nd Symphony in autumn 2025 and spring 2026
8th Symphony in autumn 2026 and spring 2027
3rd Symphony in autumn 2027 and spring 2028
The crowning finale will be the 9th Symphony in autumn 2028 to mark our 20th anniversary.


Impression eines Probenbesuchs:

«Einzigartig während der Proben ist das Erkunden unterschiedlicher Interpretationen und die «Leitung».
Jedes Orchestermitglied übernimmt Leitungsverantwortung, meldet Ungereimtheiten, kann Wünsche anbringen und ALLE HÖREN ZU, (
«there is a leader in every position»!!!).
In den Konzerten überträgt sich die Spielfreude und Begeisterung der Musizierenden unmittelbar auf das Publikum.
Einer Probe beiwohnen zu können ist Bildung, Freude und Ermutigung, zu Hause selber Musik zu machen und Partituren zu lesen.